Carrageenan can be useful for pulp suspension in fruit drinks. With it, Syrups can be thickened and stabilized. Dry powdered mixes often incorporate Carrageenan for mouthfeel and viscosity.

Carrageenan is also used for wine and beer clarification. Our product, dramatically improves the manufacturing process and finished beer product by offering the following benefits: Increased recovery of wort, Prolonged foam stability, Increased efficiency during the clarification and filtration process


The ability to interact with protein makes carrageenan an excellent beer fining agent. Due to its sulphate groups, Kappa carrageenan is negatively charged in the solution

Our Indogum series product, dramatically improves the finished beer product and the beer manufacturing process. It gives the following advantages in beer such as: Increases recovery of wort and prolongs foam stability, Increases efficiency on the clarification and filtration process