Dessert & Confectioneries


Carrageenan can be used in a broad range of dessert and confectionery products including, Hard & Soft Candies, Pie Fillings & Toppings, Drinkable Jelly, and Jelly Cups.

Carrageenan provides a wide range of final product textures and flavors from brittle to elastic, soft to hard, without the need for refrigeration.


Carrageenan is used to produce both crystal clear and pulpy water dessert gels. They have low syneresis, melts at a high temperature and has the ability to gel at room temperature. It can be stored under both ambient and refrigerated conditions.

Gummy Candy Forms a soft chewy gel-like candy. Chocolate Mousse Gives smooth, uniform texture and provides excellent flavor release. Enhances desirable mouthfeel.

Dessert Gel Forms a glossy, easy to unmold dessert gel. Marmalade Prevents water separation and gives body. Peanut Butter Prevents oil separation during storage.