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As a tropical archipelagic country, Indonesia has high potential for producing seaweeds. Seaweed is in very high demand in the international markets, especially as a raw material for the production of food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Indonesia contributes about 50% of the world’s total production of E cottonii.

However, most of the raw seaweed is exported to the Philippines and other countries. The processed products that use the seaweed are then imported back to Indonesia. It is ironic that Indonesia does not receive the majority of the economic benefits from the seaweed industry despite being such a large producer. We have decided to challenge this. Our new modern manufacturing facilities near to Serang Banten, are designed to fulfill domestic demand and minimize imports through establishing new seaweed processing factories.


With over a decade of experience, PT Gumindo Perkasa Industri trading under the name Indogum, has developed an expertise in manufacturing seaweed flour (Semi Refined Carrageenan) for various product applications. The applications include both food and non-food products like pharmaceuticals, oral and personal care, and pet food, all of which essential to our market.

Equipped with over a decade of experience, together, with the help of farmers, customers, governments, and communities, we help people thrive by applying our market insights. We are committed to feeding the world in a responsible way, reducing environmental impact and improving the communities where we live and work.

Our Mission

Our mission is to supply premium products to international markets through our effective Network. Production is conducted under our full supervision and control to maximum efficiency and quality.

We assist our suppliers in all phases of production, packaging, and quality control activities. Our aim is to improve our existing facilities by developing their capabilities, and to build strong relationships with our customers.

Not only do we create premium products, we also provide high quality services and securities for our exports. We consider our buyers to be valued business partners. Our business philosophy is one of mutual trust, honesty, and integrity.

Indogum is designed to maximize stakeholder value through optimizing synergy, innovation, integration and expansion. Indogum has the capacity to produce 1500 MT of Semi Carrageenan with blending capacity of approx. 3000 MT.

As a solution oriented supplier, our broad portfolio helps our customers address a variety of their food product development needs. Indogum assists the manufacturing of every single product by enhancing its quality of life through technology. We are ready to respond to the needs of the market with continuous improvement, brilliant employees, and strong brand equity.

Excellence in Quality

We consider customer satisfaction to be paramount. IndoGum boasts a state of the art laboratory manned with trained food scientists and microbiologist who closely monitor and keenly supervise the consistency of our raw ingredients and finished products. Stringent monitoring of the production process ensures the best quality product.

We strive to exceed expectations by adopting the highest standards of quality possible. Our research and product development specialist are experts in carrageenan and its uses in food and non-food applications. We are continuously striving to innovate and adapt to market trends.

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