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Carrageenan is a small component in the meat production process, but it has a big effect on the overall properties of the final product.

The meat and poultry industries are one of the fastest growing, and most profitable, markets for carrageenan worldwide.

In meat products, carrageenan contributes to gel formation and water retention. The addition of this ingredient is of special interest for low fat meat producers, because fat reduction often leads to unacceptable, tough textures.

When carrageenan is incorporated into these formulations, it improves the texture of the product by decreasing toughness and increasing tenderness.

Carrageenan serve as natural meat binders and provide the following advantages in meat such as: Improved quality of the finished product by enhancing its texture, sliceability, and mouthfeel. Increased water retention during and after processing. Higher profit margins as a result of the increase in yield.


Many meat producers report that their profit margins are improving from the use of carrageenan. This because of the increase in yield due to: Stabilized fat-protein emulsion in meat, thereby improving cohesion of the meat particles and appearance of the final product.

Dispersible on brine systems with little or no viscosity development until cooking begins. Provides stability to freeze-thaw cycling. Significantly reduces meat purge or syneresis.

Carrageenan thus helps meat processors achieve product quality throughout the processing and distribution, thus cycle resulting in better shelf life.

In the food market, the meat industry is the fastest growing. It is one of the most profitable markets for carrageenan worldwide.

As carrageenan stabilizes fat and water emulsions during preparation, cooking, and storage, it promotes higher profit margins because of the increase in yield.

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