IndoGum Carrageenan Dairy Product


Carrageenan interacts and reacts well to milk proteins as it promotes smooth and thorough dispersion in even the most delicate dairy ingredients.

Carrageenan successfully meets the need of food homogeneity for a broad range of milk and dairy products.

Carrageenan interacts and reacts well to milk proteins as it promotes the smooth and thorough dispersion of even the most delicate ingredients in milk and dairy products.


Our product offers the following advantages: Improved mouth-feel and flavour release, Excellent shock resistance and smoother melt down in frozen dairy products, Thickening and stabilizing effects to finished products during storage, Cocoa suspension, milk stability, and emulsion stability.

Indogum, also offers several products suitable for other non-dairy preparations.

As consumers desire healthier beverage options, the demand to meet individual consumer needs is driving the milk substitute market.

Milk substitutes provide options to those who are, allergic to certain foods, lactose intolerant, vegetarian, or simply seeking healthier ways to gain nutrition.

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