IndoGum Carrageenan Beverages   Carrageenan can be useful for pulp suspension in fruit drinks. With it, Syrups can be thickened and stabilized. Dry powdered mixes often incorporate Carrageenan for mouthfeel and viscosity. Carrageenan is also used for wine and...
Dessert and Confectionary

Dessert and Confectionary

IndoGum Carrageenan Dessert and Confectionary Carrageenan can be used in a broad range of dessert and confectionery products including, Hard & Soft Candies, Pie Fillings & Toppings, Drinkable Jelly, and Jelly Cups. Carrageenan provides a wide range of final...
Dessert and Confectionary

Meat Product

IndoGum Carrageenan Meat Product Carrageenan is a small component in the meat production process, but it has a big effect on the overall properties of the final product. The meat and poultry industries are one of the fastest growing, and most profitable, markets for...

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